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From doodles, to shots, to drawings... I guess there are no boundaries in experimenting.

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deviation in storage by blumarine




Pepon Poke
when pepon touches something, his left eye glows blue
much like how he actually works as a drawing tablet
thuswhy he likes to do dis shet a lot to annoy other tablets lmao
Edi the Edifier K830 Headphones by Syani
Edi the Edifier K830 Headphones
After I bought Pepon in late December 2014, I purchased this wonderful pair of red and black headphones in the middle of this year. Put a sticker of a dove with a clover on her to mark her as mine.
Edifier, or as I call her "Edi", is the "second child" of this ragtag bunch of technology misfits that I own.
Was attached to her almost immediately by how great of a quality she is, thus I humanized her just like her older, albeit shorter, brother, the Wacom Tablet, Pepon.

Design rants: justskip it is meant for future ref
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated)  Due to how long her cable is, I made her hair very long. Supposedly longer, but, meh, I lack ideas how to design it the way she's comfortable with aaaa
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated)  Also due to the fact that she is the biggest object that I own, I made her the tallest of the trio of children.
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated)  I think she's supposed to wear a cool jacket I designed specifically for her, but then her hair got in the way, so I figured better no jacket.
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated) She also supposedly sports this punk shirt to fit with how the rest of her looks, but then I thought of her personality and decided that she may prefer loose tops more.
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated) Also that facemask was actually because the actual headphones still has the bits of plastics around its retractable sliders (I want them there so she'll stay clean).
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated) No shoes because fck shoes.
Super tiny Blue Wing Right bullet (animated) Eyes originally silver to match headphones, but they reflect the souls of songs when she's plugged in with music, because, well, it's written there. My Dork Dance 

Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U!Edi PersonalityStar Bullet (Yellow) - F2U!
OHGOD WHERE SHOULD I START IM SO EXCITED TO TYPE THIS imsorry;; you can skip this too hhhh i have much to rant
Point Right She looks mature, level-headed and aloof, like a cool big sister.
Point Right In reality, Edi is very awkward and shy hhhhh. She keeps her moods in check though, so yeah, she generally is cool-headed, aloof and mature.
Point Right Her ability to be able to see through songs enables her to feel what the song is about instantly. This makes her internally vERY moody, like she can feel happy the first 4mins of the pop cheerful song but then when the music changes to smth angsty, she gets angry. Much moodflips. She very good at hiding it tho, which is excellent and avoids all unnecessary dramas yey Jammin' 
Point Right She keeps her hair long because she's bothered that people can see her face and read her moods, so she uses her hair to hide it. She does not wish to trouble anybody with a problem that she can't really control.
Point Right Now with Pepon and Ruby in the family, she gets even more anxious and doesn't want to accidentally hurt them with her moodswings, so she sports a mask to hide her face.
Point Right Both Pepon and Ruby, who had seen her whole face at least once, agreed that Edi is "pretty".
Point Right She takes very good care of her hair. However, she does not care much for her body.
Point Right Coolly protective of her little sister, Ruby. Also protective to an extent towards Pepon, but only because he's shorter and acts like a child.

I am sorry for the colors everywhere I was experimenting asdf i need to be more organized orz
The cute girl in the yellow panel with Edi is her little sister, Ruby, which will be drawn...soon, idk maybe next year hAHA;
The lil shet in the green panel beside the pretty Edi is her brother, Pepon.
I will make short comics of these three soon because I've been wanting to for a long while, but rUBY'S NOT FINISHED YET

:damphyr: Time taken: Good god, that single colored image of her in the middle took days I think, on and off. The rest, 7 hours orz
:damphyr: Tools: Adobe Photoshop CC & her brother Pepon.
:damphyr: Song: A WHOLE SET. Understandably, since music is her life. Primarily this legend though.

God that felt good to let that all out. Tamako Kitashirakawa (That's a relief) [V1] 

<< First child: Pepon || Third child: Ruby (coming soon) >>
Paint It All Out by Syani
Paint It All Out
Self-portrait while trying to learn a simpler, more whimsical coloring style. Oops!
New palette too, I never touch the soft ones before aaaaa

Lazy doodle with experimental coloring, idk I sorta like how the background turns out, if anything.

:damphyr: Time: ~1 hour
:damphyr: Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC & Pepon
:damphyr: Song: DJ Splash - You
Pepon's Sy Study by Syani
Pepon's Sy Study
Back then when I had to draw 40 illustrations a month, I was super stressed. My eyes went bad and I couldn't even differentiate which is green and yellow anymore @_@;
Pepon knows, of course, being my tablet and all.

And then I made that thing.

:damphyr: Time taken: ~3 hours
:damphyr: Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC & Pepon
:damphyr: Song: Nightcore Everybody Loves Me


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Aw, thank you! Haha, I actually just got a 3ds and immedieately bought Fire Emblem Awakening, so I will def gonna fanfart things soon. x3
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